Storage system for sheet metal

TowerMat TM-RE 4.2

A dynamic TowerMat TM-RE 4.2 type sheet metal store with laterally operating storage and retrieval machine has been installed for our customer, a job order production company in Bavaria.

Positioned right next to the laser, it allows fast, automated gripping of two positions on the sheets in format of up to 3 x 1.5 m.

Machine Type TowerMat TM-RE 4.2
Storage Type Sheet Metal
Capacity 84 Carrier Type
Total Payload 252.000 kg
H 5.515 mm
W 18.900 mm
D 6.200 mm

Carrier 1

Carrier Type System-Pallet
Amount 84
Payload 3.000 kg
H 90 mm
W 3.100 mm
D 1.500 mm