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The INTERTEX Controls and Software Solutions

Connections made easily

The perfect controls for your warehousing. Advanced microprocessors in our INT-TC7.1 and INT-EC1 controls, as well as our technically mature warehouse software INTERTEX-Warehouse Management, together with the INTERTEX Warehousing Systems look after even greater speed and better safety.

Software: Advantages at a glance:

  • INT-EC1 and INT-TC7.1 control units for high speed, efficiency and safety in the warehouse
  • INT-WM software as item storage system
  • Host connection to ERP possible
  • Can be modified in line with customer specifications


The storage machines, together with our two controls INT-TC7.1 and INT-EC1 can meet any requirements. No matter whether one control point or eight – with the modern machine controls from INTERTEX you are always very well served. With the graphics capable displays, control of the machine turns into child’s play; large icons and hotkeys simplify operation tremendously. The control of the machines has a very simple design: the carrier set selection is conducted via a numeric keyboard or individual articles via the integrated article management through touch operation of the INT-TC7.1. A smooth telephone support and quick error diagnostics on site is possible thanks to comprehensive monitor functions. The read-out of possible error messages with plain text is available in both controls. You can protect your control points with passwords. The choice of various languages is also possible. We optionally equip the machines with a carrier set width and depth display, the integration of weighing equipment is not a problem – according to your wishes and needs.

Control INT-TC7.1

Control INT-EC1


An independent article management system or a connection to an ERP system – INTERTEX offers you seamless and perfect software solutions for this. In combination with the INT-EC1 and INT-TC7.1 machine controls, you can use the “INTERTEX - Warehouse Management” PC software as comfortable and operator-friendly standalone article management. A serial connection between the control and the PC allows smooth communication between machine and the employed PC software INT-WM. The INT-TC7.1 offers, in addition to a serial transmission, a TCP-based connection. If an ERP system with integrated warehouse management is already in use, we will implement a connection of the warehouse system to the higher-level host system through our “INTERTEX Query Serve”. Just challenge us – with special solutions or special adaptations – we leave nothing more to be desired.