Case study Alpha Elektrotechnik AG

Case study Alpha Elektrotechnik AG

Another interesting case study, project and of course interesting customer.
The Alpha Elektrotechnik AG is the reliable party for train manufacturers, rail and network operators worldwide.
A long established company with over 90 years of experience.
Core business: Cable solutions for power transmission for medium and high voltage networks of modern railways and trains.

With the new construction of the production building in Grenchen (Switzerland) in 2021, an Intertex cable drum Paternoster has been installed. Our InterMat system offers storage space for up to 15 cable drums. We created the largest storage area in the smallest of space, with a direct connection to the production line.
So the work processes has been simplified and the production time were reduced by a lot.

A modern, digital storage and handling system, including fully automated carrier selection, friction drive and automatic winding of the cables by remote.

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