Hoi en goede dag from the Netherlands

Hoi en goade dag vanuit Holland

Together with our partner Kardex, we have installed our all-rounder TowerMat storage lift at a producer and manufacturer of sectional doors. Interchangeable cassettes with profiles up to 790 cm in length are stored in a total of 4 storage towers and 55 carrier sets. With a payload of 1,250 kg per cassette, a total payload of almost 70 tons is generated. The machine measures 11,357 mm in height, 9,310 mm in width and 6,750 mm in depth and features 3 work stations as a speciality.
While the transverse station is used for storage and retrieval, the longitudinal stations are connected directly to the production line. For this purpose, the saws will soon be installed directly at the workstations.

This not only maximizes the storage volume in the smallest of spaces, but also fully automates the connection to the pruduction line in addition to storage, by minimizing the associated personnel costs.

"Wij dank u voor het vertrouwen" and say "see you soon" Netherlands.

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