INTERTEX Insights / Carrier Sets

INTERTEX Insights - Productions, projects and proccesses

With the INTERTEX Insights we would like to give an insight into interesting and worth knowing production processes, projects and procedures. We would like to present our range of manufacture at regular intervals and show everything that is part of our everyday work.

To start with, we will provide an insight into the production of our carrier sets. These cassettes later contain a wide variety of heavy, duty stored goods. In our fully automated storage lift systems, these can store and provide up to 5 tons per cassette. The carrier sets can be individually manufactured and adapted in terms of numbers, size and dimensions depending on customers requirements and possibilities. Dimensions of up to 9.60m in length and 2.10m in width are possible.

In the video we take you through the production of such a cassette - from the technical drawing to the welding of the components to the finish with powder coating.

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