Wipotec TowerMat lifting

Storage tower installation at Wipotec in Kaiserslautern

Together with our partner Kardex, we installed a fully automated TowerMat storage lift system at Wipotec in Kaiserslautern.
The innovative and reliable partner for weighing technology and product control is investing € 30 million in new technologies and buildings.

The storage tower is the central element and landmark (20m total height). This will later connect the existing with the new production halls.
Embedded 4 meters into the ground, our TowerMat (with a total height of 22m and a floor area of just under 35sqm) offers a storage area of 470sqm with a payload of a whooping 280,000kg. The system is ultimately used as a material and interim storage facility, which can be loaded and unloaded fully automatically at 3 work stations.

We accompanied the exciting lifting. The system was lifted into a concrete casing using a crane and finally closed with a hood structure.
We are excited to see what happens next on the 15,000 square meter area.

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