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TowerMat – the dynamic storage system for storing long goods, sheet metal, boxes, tools, pallets and more.

INTERTEX – the professional for flexible concepts for the storage of almost all types of products. No matter whether it’s long goods, sheet metal, tools or pallets – the TowerMats meet many requirements and can be adapted optimally to your storage goods. The TowerMat is the ideal solution when we are talking about space optimization and productive material handling, as well as provision in the warehouse or production. With the least floor space, it utilizes the available height optimally, thereby increasing the storage capacity many times over. We can take specific local requirements into account flexibly and thereby expand the already existing, conventional warehouse without any problems. An increase in efficiency is included – and you can integrate a new, dynamic warehouse effortlessly into your production. Just put us to the test: the single or multi-line TowerMat storage system is quite assuredly the right solution for you.

Advantages at a glance

  • Space-saving storage of very heavy metal sheets, long goods and much more besides
  • Efficient, safe provision of the stored goods
  • Ideal ‘goods-to-person’ principle
  • Overview of inventory
  • Customer-specific planning and manufacturing of the storage system

Long goods

For storage of pipes, poles, steel sections and aluminium/plastic profiles up to 10 metres in length and cassette weights of up to 5 tonnes, special sizes on request.

Sheet metal

For storage of sheet stacks up to 6 x 2 metres and 8 tonnes, special sizes on request.


For storage of injection moulding tools, equipment, etc.


For storage of euro pallets, pallets with superstructures, pallet boxes, etc.


For storage of rolls, cylinders, printing rollers


For storage of your special warehouse goods

long goods

The TowerMat storage system for long goods

The TowerMat EE 1.x for smaller and medium-sized storage quantities

No matter whether small or medium storage quantities: make use of the TowerMat type EE. The long goods version offers you a flexible storage concept and can accommodate cassettes with a size of up to 900 mm x 8,200 mm. With a load up to maximum 3 t per storage space, a maximum machine height of 8 meters and total payload of 70 t, you adapt it quite simply and flexibly to your requirements. The stored goods lie in so-called cassettes, a storage and retrieval unit (SRU) transports these automatically to the operator. The free access at the output locations, combined with the simple design ensure short access times – thus guaranteeing quick material handling during storage and removal. For good measure, there is additional space, because the footprint is smaller, and the hall height is used optimally.

TowerMat TM-EE1.1 with warehouse management software

TowerMat TM-E1.2 with additional transverse carrier for double-sided operation

The TowerMat FE x.x especially for medium storage quantities

The TowerMat Storage System Type FE offers major advantages regarding handling and safety in comparison to static shelf systems. Through the fully-automatic sequence, the desired goods come directly to the operator. These are provided ready to hand on a trolley via a longitudinal and/or transverse station for further processing, e.g. at a saw. Thanks to the use of two storage towers and one centrally guided Storage and Retrieval Unit (SRU), the TM-FE 2.x offers the double capacity compared to the TM-EE 1.x, in addition larger heights and higher payloads are possible. With a maximum machine height of 25 m and a payload of 400 t you can adapt it to your requirements. A pit version enables an even further increase of the storage capacity with the same space requirement.

TowerMat TM-FE2.1 with a transverse carrier for loading and unloading

TowerMat TM-FE2.2 with 2 transverse carriers for double-sided operation (front and back)

TowerMat TM-FE2.2 with one transverse and one longitudinal carrier plus a jib crane

TowerMat TM-FE4.2 with 2 transverse carriers with integrated lifting and lowering station plus a gantry crane

TowerMat TM-FE4.2 with an extractor table with integrated lifting and lowering station and one longitudinal carrier. Loading and unloading using a forklift truck or jib crane

TowerMat TM-FE5.3 with one transverse carrier and 2 longitudinal carriers, saw fitting using a jib crane

The TowerMat UE x.x takes care of large storage quantities

Through its modular design, the override storage system type UE allows a later adjustment in the depth of the system, if capacity adjustments are necessary. With this system a traversing unit “perches” on the towers and the storage and retrieval unit (SRU) dives from above between the storage towers and transports the selected cassette to the SRU, which then again moves above the towers to the output stations.

TowerMat TM-UE 16.3 in pit version for a load capacity of over 1000 tonnes

TowerMat TM-UE8.2 with one transverse carrier, one longitudinal carrier with accompanying personal protection surveillance

sheet metal

The TowerMat storage lift for sheet metal

The TowerMat EE 1.x for smaller and medium-sized storage quantities

The single line sheet storage type EE can store metal sheets in the large format of 3,000 x 1,500 mm and a weight of 3 t per pallet. With a total payload of up to 70 t and a machine height of 8 meters, it adjusts flexibly to the storage heights. The stored goods lie on carrier palettes in the storage tower and are brought to the operator automatically by the storage and retrieval unit. Loading and unloading of the TowerMat is carried out with a forklift truck; the depalletization of the sheet metal packets is also provided by means of the lifting-lowering station.

TowerMat TM-EE 1.1 Installation directly next to the laser unit in dead-man mode

TowerMat TM-EE 1.1

The TowerMat FE 2.x especially for medium-sized storage quantities

If you wish to deal with Maxi formats of 6,000 x 2,000 mm and cassette weights of up to 8 t, you’re right on target with the TowerMat FE 2.x. Equipped with two storage towers and a centrally guided storage and retrieval unit (SRU), it offers output locations longitudinally and transversely below each storage tower. Of course, there are special dimensions available upon request.


TowerMat TM-FE2.2 with one transverse carrier with integrated lifting and lowering station and one longitudinal carrier

TowerMat TM-FE2.1 with one transverse carrier and integrated lifting and lowering station

Retrofitting with additional TM-FE2.1 to create a TM-FE4.1. With one transverse carrier and one transfer carrier

The TowerMat RE x.x for the large storage quantities

If you are planning major undertakings, the TowerMat RE x.x is first choice for you. Fitted with a mobile storage and retrieval unit, the TowerMat RE x.x consists of several storage towers arranged in a row with an SRU, which also runs along the storage towers laterally and positions itself. The metal plates can be output at each selected storage tower.

TowerMat TM-RE4.2, with 4 storage towers in one row and 2 fixed tables (one with integrated lifting and lowering station) and connected gates for personal protection during discharge of material

TowerMat TM-RE 10.1 with 2 x 5 storage towers in a double row with one transverse carrier


INTERTEX Tausendsassa TowerMat

True multi-talent TowerMat: it also stores tools and palettes

The TowerMat storage lifts pitch in everywhere. It is just as possible to store tools, palettes or lattice boxes as it is to stow long goods or metal plates efficiently and space saving. You want to store rollers? Not a problem. The dynamic storage lifts are very adaptable, corresponding to your requirements and goods. There’s only one thing which must be observed: all cubic articles fit as long as they have a depth of up to 2,000 mm and a height of up to 1,500 mm.

Storage of injection moulding tools for  manufacturing of plastic components for the electrical industry

Storage of 6 euro pallet boxes on one system cassette

Storage of spare rolls for production units used to manufacture aluminium coils

Storage of welding equipment

special solutions

INTERTEX TowerMat - special solutions

The wide range for all systems

No matter which requirements and needs you have: with these equipment options you are always ideally equipped. In a personal discussion we are sure to find the right solution for you.

INTERTEX TowerMat - Options

The wide range for all systems

No matter which requirements and needs you have: with these equipment options you are always ideally equipped. In a personal discussion we are sure to find the right solution for you.

Automatic Operation

A personal protection light grid secures the TM-EE during automatic operation. During the operation, the operator has the opportunity to conduct other tasks within the production. For example, an indoor crane can drive up to the machine directly after requesting the cassette.

Personal protection

Instead of light reflection of the travel area, in this case an accompanying laser scanner is used to identify objects.

Factory carrier

Allows automatic discharging and insertion of carriers for in-plant transport


The metal packet is lifted up by means of an integrated lifting-lowering station when storing, allowing easy removal of the wooden pallet.

Pit solution

Our pit solution enables you to significantly expand your warehousing capacity

Semi-Automatic Operation

During semi-automatic operation, the machine is secured by the operator. The sequence is released by the touch of a button via the manual control of the machine, and if the button is not pressed, it is interrupted immediately.

Slewing crane

Make things easier for yourself: Upon requirement, we can plan the inclusion of a slewing crane to make handling within production easier and to be independent of the interior crane.

gantry crane

Make things easier for yourself: Upon requirement, we can plan the inclusion of a slewing or gantry crane to make handling within production easier and to be independent of the interior crane.

Outdoor vehicle / Roller doo

A roller door interconnects separated sectors simply and functionally. Via a lock it enables loading and unloading of machines in the exterior area, which stand inside the hall. Furthermore, the roller doors serve fall protection in the case of a multi-storey system.

Lifting / Lowering Station

It is possible to integrate a lifting and lowering station into the mobile cart or the stationary output station. This lifts the storage goods during the loading and unloading process above the cassette edge, which makes loading with the forklift possible.

Stationary output station

An external loading table enables loading and unloading via an indoor crane.


Here, the properties of the stationary output station are supplemented by a flexible extension distance. Several stopping positions can be implemented. A reintroduction of the cassette is of course possible with this cart.

Full enclosure

The TM-FE 2.x, equipped with a full enclosure, protects the stored goods against dust or similar impurities.

Battery operated cart

Power caps integrated into the carrier plus charging during resting phases make a cable-connected power supply superfluous

Outdoor installation

Should no space be available inside a building, then the storage unit can also be installed outdoors and fitted with cladding. A carrier is then used to transport materials indoors.


Used to facilitate uninterrupted internal transport routes or to locate workstations and machines near to the storage unit